Audiophile compilation albums.

I’ll admit I did had my share of “best of” albums, mostly for collecting reasons or because during that period of time I didn’t had a thing called internet.
I should say that one of things that always makes me laugh a bit are audiophile compilation albums, for the ones who never had the pleasure of finding one, it’s a album compiled to show the “best” a system can do, usually audiophile companies make these albums to demo gear but some audiophiles also buy them.
I actually only found one that I really enjoyed, it was related with headphones and had really nice liner notes explaining what you should hear during the music if you had really great headphones.
Compilation audio should not be confused with test albums, these last ones are tools to test equipment and they do work.

People should always aim to test gear with their own style of music and even if compilation albums are really nice to learn how to hear, they should be avoided if you don’t enjoy the artists. Unless you enjoy torture, in that case indulge yourself in compilation albums.

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