Made in China.

The following text was inspired by a conversation between me and a pal on Facebook about materials for DIY electronics.

Imagine a world where you couldn’t buy new disposable tech, or find a pair of handcrafted shoes.
I’m sure you are laughing at me, but what if I tell you it might happen?

What if China gets tired of being exploited by eastern companies, what happens if the flow of cheap goods stops flowing because of a change of government, or a natural disaster?

Maybe putting all your eggs in the same basket is a dangerous idea. Profit oriented companies are always searching for the cheapest price and fastest way to bring new stuff to the market, because the market always craves for more. China is the way to go for cheap and fast goods and those companies go for it because it’s there for the taking

Right now, unless you live a very frugal life in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure there is something made in China next to or on you. So you are dependent on a economy on the other side of the world, on the global world of today you can imagine if shit hits the fan.

For start you wont have a way to clean as fast as before, because the mop is made in China, the bucket also and probably the washing liquid, that’s how addicted we are to cheap goods these days. The problem is that even expensive goods are now being outsourced to China or other sweatshop nests around the world.

Some companies will claim its the only way to have a competitive price, sure I agree, the only way for them to make huge profits is outsourcing to China, etc.

Some movements want to boycott made in China goods, if that was the case they should’t have pens or computers because most have components made in china.

I’m against a boycotting China but I believe people should try to buy less Chinese and buy more locally made stuff. Helping your community is good for the local economy, plus money isn’t following to the pockets of some few.

These days anyone can outsource to China and say he or she was the author.

If you go to any crowdsource site you’ll see most projects will be build in China, so even small startups are doing it because it provides them with cheap, disposable, and endless source of underpaid workers. No need to think about healthcare, insurance policies, etc. They just send the plans and receive the goods later, in the meanwhile the work will be reversed engineered and made even cheaper, instant karma if you believe in such a thing.

I’m writing this on a white brand keyboard made in China and using a made in China Acer Tablet. I refuse to be a hypocrite like some who ask for boycotts to made in China products.

Chinese people are hardworking, have a massive culture and history and are not at fault, in fact they provide a a service to the addiction of cheap goods the world has.

The world needs to use their resources and workers for the greater good and give them better working conditions, after all they only want to have a good life.

One should try to buy or source materials locally if possible, apparent quality is often higher and things will last longer with less impact to the environment.

This addiction to cheap goods and our dependency in one country to make things can’t be a good thing in the long run, for them and for us.

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