About audiophile cables…again.

Helmuthsposts in a way I agree these kind of tests are stupid, mostly because they are done to discredit and make fun of all audiophiles. (Well, in this test at least the journalist was careful to point that some audiophiles do not share the opinion that audiophile network cables change the sound)
In fact besides guitar players I don’t actually know more people who “fight” over the importance of cabling in audio, and even guitar players have their reasons to fight about cables mostly because cable length and impedance can change their sound.

Its my opinion that audiophile cable companies should be legally forbidden of claiming improvements in their cables without proper scientific tests made by companies like

Bureau Veritas. Any improvement claim without proper tests should be considered false advertising and dealt in a swift manner by the authorities. Yes, I’m that tired of the cable wars…

I have some things I don’t enjoy about audiophile cable companies.
I don’t like the marketing BS some of them use to lure audiophiles and also the massive lobby behind their advertising in some magazines and audiophile websites.
Journalists/reviewers are human and they have bills to pay. So yes, they will hear differences in the cables and they are always good differences, someone point me to a bad audiophile cable review made by a serious site, please!
Seriously last time I paused my ad-blocker I was amazed by the sheer volume of cable ads in audiophile sites. Its like a visual virus!
Only our hobby has this aggressive behavior by audiophile cable makers, most cable makers don’t really need so much visual garbage to sell their stuff.

I’m always highly suspicious of reviewers that claim a HUGE difference when they change a cable, be it a loudspeaker, signal, data or even a power cable.
I’m sure they actually believe in what they are writing but I don’t have the need to believe in them because I make my own cables, plus most of them don’t objectively test their cables. Seriously a capacitance, resistance meter isn’t that expensive or hard to learn to use! Some network players are harder to use.

I respect their opinions if they respect mine, for me there are far more important things in audio than pieces of wire interconnecting gear.
Note that I believe in quality cabling but always supported by objective tests, plus people are free to spend their money the way they enjoy it most.
If someone whats to spend 10K in a cable sure go ahead the economy will be happy.

By the way I know only one man that actually tries to explain objectively why cables make a difference, that man is Mr. Roger Skoff (Former XLO cables owner), I respect him a lot but not always agree with him. With that said everyone is free to have their opinion but always in a civil manner specially in public communities. Mr. Skoff suffers a lot of bashing online and I don’t agree with that. Community made bashing is wrong and rude…
Before someone accuses me of having a double standard, Mr.Skoff actually always says he was and still is in a way connected to XLO so its no secret, some other reviewers are not so open about their relationship with audiophile cable brands.

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