Audiophile objectivity & online harassment.

I’m usually all in favor of scientific testing made by professionals and will often joke about subjective testing of gear and interconnects, I’m known for using the bullshit word very often when writing about audiophile cables, but I don’t attack reviewers personally via the comment section of forums or blogs because I think its a rude behavior, we are guests in their home thus we should behave like guests.
In fact one of the reasons I created this space was to rant about audiophile bullshit without the need to pollute forums or comment areas.
I didn’t create this blog to attack reviewers, magazines or brands.
If my memory doesn’t fail me I never wrote about any cable brand mostly because I’m legally accountable for my writing and will not risk a lawsuit.
Plus writing about audiophile cable brands would be free adverting and I don’t work for free unless I really love a brand.

Ok, sometimes I can lose my temper and resort to strong name calling if people are being rude just because they feel untouchable online.
Objectivists have a natural way of being assholes in comment sections mostly because they think science can shield them from everything. I often bash those so called objectivists because I really hate arrogant people online.
These type of trolls make objectivists look bad and highly intolerant.

I might not tolerate BS marketing but I still enjoy some subjective reviewers online and in magazines, there is space for everyone and if you trust a reviewer you should have fun.
For example I really enjoy Tyll Hertsens and Bob Katz from, in fact I consider Tyll the best reviewer in active. He tries to balance subjective and objective reviews and I enjoy that a lot.
So when someone went after him because he accepted some audiophile cables on loan that were necessary for a future mega review I got upset and lost my temper online, a rare thing.
The same user also complained about his sighted tests and complained about the use of some gear he will use to clean his AC.
In my opinion Tyll is free to do what he wants because its his site and his reputation.

When I want to troll I use my own house, its wrong to troll when you are a guest.

I suspect some of these users are young teenagers that have the need make a stand against older people. My piece of advice to them is to go get laid.
Does wonders to the stress and is really fun specially with good music.
Ok, now I’m just trolling….

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