Apple Earpods.

I was always curious about the stock Apple Earpods so last week I bought a pair to see if they are in fact one of the best earbuds available like some say.
Well the design is unusual but nothing ultrageous, the typical white color screams iProduct all over the place, something to take in account if you commute near dangerous areas, I usually enjoy my things in black but sometimes one must sacrifice style for quality.

Apple stock ear buds don’t let the company look bad, in fact for 20€ new on a second hand store they are pretty amazing in their league. I wasn’t sure if the pods were original at first but after hearing them, that doubt vanished. People sell these things sealed because they don’t use them with their iphones, lucky me because they go for 35€ on a Apple Store.

My ears are on the big side so the pods don’t adjust as easily as they should on typical ears, even so I got solid bass out of them, something few earbuds do without killing the midrange vocals.

All in all if you don’t enjoy shoving headphones on your ears, the ear pods are a decent way to enjoy music, at least for the price I bought them.
If you got a friend with a new idevice ask them to let you try the pods for some minutes, don’t buy them blind like I did.
Now don’t get me wrong these things don’t compete with AKGs, Sennheisers or other dedicated headphone brands but they are decent if you are not an audiophile.

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