Audiophiles and status.

The love for better audio reproduction reaches all types of audiophiles, we all strive to achieve the same goals or at least similar ones. That’s why a tube fan understands a headphone enthusiast and also the reason we as a community usually visit the same discussion groups and comment in the same sites.

Objective, subjective, digital or vinyl fans it doesn’t really matter because we as a community understand the need of each other to achieve better sound reproduction, with that in mind I don’t understand the need of some audiophiles to step on other members of the community that have less income, thus less possibility to buy better audio equipment.

This hobby should be fun for all types of enthusiasts, the lack of respect of some just because they have a need to show themselves as someone of higher status in the community is wrong and should be shunned by all audio enthusiasts.

Sure some members are pillars of the community and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s important for newcomers who need a sense of direction.

Sadly a minority in the community use their social and economic status to humiliate and discredit others who make questions or step in their “turf”.

Things like “You don’t believe in Y because you don’t have money to buy it” or “This isn’t your cheap Sony” or “I spent Bla Bla Bla to build this system so you can’t compare it to your gear” shows the ugly and sometimes true face of the hobby, the need of acceptance by peers often makes the victims of this type of comments shy way from the community, some of these persons will end up trolling in the same communities that humiliated them.

In the end of 2015 I read a long and boring article from a so called important member of the Brazilian audiophile community, I did reply to him but in a sarcastic humorous way and soon after I quit the group because I noticed he was the administrator and the group was a way for him to vent his ego and elevate his own words. In fact the name of the group shows his need to elevate himself to status above other members of the community.

This kind of audio enthusiast is toxic, in fact the Brazilian and American audiophile communities have their fair share of this kind of egocentric audiophiles that pry on the young members and victimized themselves everytime they get banned from a group or forum, they usually end up creating their own den.

I have nothing against people who buy expensive things, people are free to brag when they have an expensive amplifier or other type of gear, it’s part of the fun and let’s face it, its always nice to see what makes other people happy, some of them not only brag but they also sell gear for cheaper prices thus allowing other members to enjoy quality second hand gear.

what I don’t enjoy are people who brag and step on other members of the community, those in my opinion bring nothing new to the hobby.

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