Audio Enthusiasts – Helmuth Lageschaar – Electronic Engineer.

Helmuth is a Dutch electronic engineer with some mighty skills with the soldering iron and spectacular loudpeaker designs, I really advise a visit to his blog to enjoy his projects.

1. Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?
Yes I would.

2. What music do you enjoy and why?
Music I like all styles. I listen to everything that has quality. My taste is pop and that converts to Jazz en blues now. Because I know my favourite popsongs by now.

3. Why are you enthusiastic about audio?
From childhood my father was repairing TV’s he was very interested in video. But we had great audio gear to that had my passion. In the seventies we listen to local illegal radio stations on Sunday. In my home town we had “Radio Central” the name came from wired radio home to home central radio system.

4. What audio gear do you use?
Diy tube amp own design. DAB tuner Sansui. Philips DVD SACD. Thorens TD124 Turntable and my own speakers of course.

5. What would be your perfect audio gear setup?
My perfect audio set would be my hybrid tube amp, speakers and my own turntable that i have in mind to build. Vinyl gives to most emotion when playing the best format.

6. What is your favorite format for audio and why?
Like i said vinyl, I did compare. The same song from vinyl en CD and also did compare it as Mp3 file. The emotion soundstage is a extra layer of vinyl recordings. I have new LP’s as from Jose James. It sounds like Mp3 from LP.
I have sixties recordings from LP and CD they are absolute much better then seventies recordings and up.
I found a recording engineer on Youtube. He explained in the sixties they documented a performance. Now they mix a song. You miss the room information en the group standing performing. It is emotionless.

Interview conducted 03/01/2016 

The concept behind Audio Enthusiasts was inspired from the amazing My Linux Rig.
If you want to get interviewed drop me a line here or via Twitter.

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