Streaming Hurts Music Sales.

I’m a modest music buyer, I spend about 30€ monthly on CDs or legal lossless downloads, with that said I still visit sites like Youtube for movie trailers, oficial music videoclips and live shows. Sadly I have mixed feelings about these kind of services because their rise is hurting the music sales around the world.
Common sense tells me that most people will avoid buying a full album when they can hear it for free online, sure some money might arrive to the industry but in the end only the streaming platform makes real money from pirated music content.

The industry targets piracy sites but forgets that the easiest way to hear music is in fact a legal service, most people will not download big lossless files to hear that new pop hit, they will use Youtube over and over again.
The problem with the music industry now is the refusal to admit that they lost a lot more to free streaming services than what they would like to admit to the public. Sure there are paid music services, but for most people the worlds biggest video platform is good enough.

Explaining why people should actually try to buy music is hard these days, after all even the music store clerks don’t get it, maybe it’s because some of them are young and online services are now a given right.
Being born in 80′s I’m still attached to the physical medium and I really enjoy having a piece of story on my hands, plus a music collection is the window of the soul.

Sure there’s hope, teens these days are enjoying vinyl again and that’s a small victory but only a few will actually keep buying music after they are on their 30′s. Those few are very important if the industry wants to be relevant again for the attention of the mainstream public, because they are the pillars that support the music community, don’t believe me? Look around you’ll be surprised by the music collectors in your own community. Treat them right and enjoy the music ride because they’ll open the doors of your mind to new music.

Using steaming services to hear music is almost a blasphemy to a music collector even if some fail to admit that in all that bad there’s some good.
The exposure of hard to get music to new generations opens the gates to new fans and the rediscovery of the history of music.

A lot was and will be written about music streaming and yes maybe it’s the future for the mainstream consumer, but if you really want to understand the feeling of owning an album maybe it’s time to visit a record shop.
Maybe you’ll make new friends or just find that version you always wanted.

Disclaimer: I didn’t sell my soul to the music industry yet…also I don’t actually worry about the CEOs of the music industry, I do worry about artists that might not get record deals because the industry refuses to make a bet on new talents thus keeping those musicians outside the mainstream attention. New artists need some money to record albums and even if some think Youtube is a good enough platform for some artists, if you ask them I’m sure most will dream of making a deal with a big player on the music industry. I have nothing against Indie record labels but few have the know-how to deliver amazing albums.
Anyway be it big or small ones go buy some music to show your love for a band or artist, sure they’ll make more money in a concert than selling CDs or vinyl but that’s another story.

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