ATI Xpress 200M and Ubuntu.

ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

My old laptop has a ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics card, now this card was never anything special when it was first released to the public, it’s so damn awful even Linux support sucks, add that to the locked bios settings the manufacturer of my laptop put in place and you got a recipe for disaster if you want to have decent video quality playback.

Now I should inform my laptop actually runs any flavor of 16.04 Ubuntu but I can only use the dedicated RAM and I don’t have the option for the shared memory like I had in Windows. The shared memory does make a difference when you are watching videos on a old laptop so I finally installed Windows XP on the old machine.

Yes, I know Windows XP is unsafe beyond imagination compared with my Linux machines but in this case I can’t run Linux knowing I’ll not be using the full capacities of my laptop.
Sometimes Linux is not the best option if you need driver compatibility on old hardware.

I should also note that this was my last option mostly because my bios is locked, so if you have the option to enable the shared video memory in the bios, please run Linux on your machine.

My advise to Linux users is please stay clear of any laptop that has a Xpress 200M even if it’s a cheap deal.

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