How I lost my trust on Insync.

What comes next are the reasons that made me uninstall an application I loved from my computer.

Insync is a software application that lets you synchronize and manage your Google Drive cloud storage, It’s a amazing tool and it works great in Linux. Sure you need to add some repositories to the system but until the end of 2016 I trusted the company behind the software, so I had it installed on my Ubuntu machine.
The need for a 3rd party application happens because Google the all mighty Android/ChromeOS developer doesn’t actually try to make a standalone application to use Google Drive in Linux, so we the users depend on plugins and 3rd party applications like Insync.

Anyway it all changed when a public relations S%#% storm hit the fan, a massive confusion of upgrade plans, discounts, and what not. I won’t go in detail here because you can read it here and here, as a “Plus” plan costumer my application would work “as is” but I had to pay yet again to receive upgrades to the next versions (This was what I could understand from the official forum). To their defense they were nice enough to actually try to correct their bad PR mistake but S#$% was done.

Now I don’t mind a subscription based model but when I bought Insync there was no such thing, You just payed to access the application and innocently enough I expected updates until the end of the service, Understanding that often companies make new plans with amazing features to make us upgrade from our current plan.

I didn’t like the way their CEO explained their move the costumers. My trust went down the drain, here was this company that had direct access to my computer changing a price plan without any kind of respect for their current user base. That made me think, what if they install something on my machine just because they want to? My paranoia went sky-high, and I uninstalled the application and repositories from my Ubuntu machine.

From a security point of view it’s also dangerous to run an application that is not updated with security patches on a fully patched operating system, this was also a reason why I uninstalled it and went back to Google Chrome Browser.

Lesson I learned from the Insync fiasco?
If it’s too good to be true, you will probably pay more down the version road. Just buy a subscription based model from the start.

Will I return to Insync one day?
Nope but that’s me,  everyone needs to make their own decisions. Just don’t forget to have a good PR manager just in case.
Insync is a good application but their way of doing business needs an upgrade.

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