Enjoying the Twitch.tv creatives.

twitch_blacklogoTwitch.tv is nothing new for me or to anyone that knows about gaming, but I admit I had some reservations about the idea of watching other people playing games in real time.
That was until Malukah a singer I enjoy a lot joined the Twitch.tv creative ranks (she is a great gamer also), and so I was faced with a dilemma, subscribe to her channel or just keep lurking around.
Anyway I gave it a chance and started lurking and sometimes commenting a bit on her chat room just to “know” the people around there. After some time I had to find a way to subscribe because she does have one of the best online communities I had the pleasure to find online and believe me I know many.
As a bonus I found other creative communities that I enjoy a lot, sure most users aren’t so nice but its fun to watch when you have some time to kill. One doesn’t actually need to engage on the chat but if you want to learn a bit it’s always a nice idea, most streamers and subscribers are more than happy to help out.

With online communities I can say, been there, done that and returned for more from time to time, always making good friends along the way.
I’m exploring Twitch right now, finding my niche and after that it will become part of my online habits. I must admit that I still don’t enjoy all the gaming streams but I do enjoy some. As for streaming myself it’s not gonna happen because it’s not really my thing, but one never knows the future.

On a side note, most people find this strange because I’m always online but I’m not really a huge fan of social networks, I do enjoy using them to find people who share my passion for some hobbies, in that Twitch.TV does an amazing job.
One can interact with creatives and learn a lot just watching them, in the end it’s good fun if you enjoy it.

I believe social networks have different niches and should always be used with some moderation, so have fun and stay safe.

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