Setups, headphones, amps & wish list.

What follows are some lists of gear I use to enjoy my music. Keep in mind that I change my setups to test new stuff.

Home “Hi-Fi” setup: Swissonic CDMP 1 V2.0 CD Player -> Lake People G103-S Headphone Amp -> Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium / Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

Computer setup: Laptop/Desktop -> Creative Labs E5 DAC/Headphone Amp -> Grado SR80i / Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro / Shure SRH440 (If I need noise isolation)

Commute setup: Sony Walkman NWZ-E580 Player -> Knowledge Zenith ZST Pro / Knowledge Zenith IE8 / Knowledge Zenith ZS5 (I might use portable amplification to test new earphones)

Travel setup: Sony Walkman NWZ-E584 Player -> M-Audio Bass Traveler Headphone Amp ->  AKG K518 / Superlux HD330


On the shelf right now:
Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium (250 Ohms) [Fav]
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro [Fav]
Grado SR80i (With new pads) [Fav]
Shure SRH440 (With new headband)
Superlux HD330 (With Beyerdynamic parts) [Fav]
AKG K518
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED2 Special Edition
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ATE S
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ZST Pro [Fav]
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ED12
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ZS3
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ATR
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) IE80 [Fav]
Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ZS5 [Fav]

Lake People G103-S [Fav]
Creative Labs E5 [Fav]
Creative Labs E1
M-Audio Bass Traveler [Fav]

Creative E5 DAC

Wish list:
Nothing at this time, yes I know it’s amazing.

On the way:

Updated: 23 September 2017 
Added KZ ES3 to the on the way list.

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