Respect a client or lose it.

So after 18 years I finally changed my cellphone provider. I still remember my first cellphone a Samsung SGH-600 released in 1999, pretty cool 90’s phone in my book at least. Yes, I was 18 years with the same network, people these days change yearly.
Anyway I still recall the first contract I made for my Samsung, a 24 months plan.
I was happy when it finished but even so I continued on it many years after. My monthly bill would often be above 30 Euros and way more later on, so I was not the typical pre-paid card user.

Being a heavy user never gave me any kind of special treatment by the network, I paid my bills and espected TMN (Now MEO and soon other brand) to provide a good service. For the most part they did provide a very good service, but never a good deal.
With the change to MEO the network became focused in making the clients sign long contracts, they became so aggressive that their pre-paid plans are now pretty awful compared with other networks.

Meanwhile I had to change my network plan to a pre-paid one and everything went sideways.
First they made me lose more than half an hour on the phone just to tell me I had to go to a phisical shop to change my plan, this after every attempt in the book for me to stay on contract.
Arrived to the shop and they said I couldn’t change my plan until the expiration date, cool but the operator could have told me that. Yep, treat your client like shit that must work in the long run. After speaking in the shop they told me my contract would not renovate so no worries there. I returned to the shop after the contract ended and behold they told me that to change my plan I had to speak with a operator on the phone.
Sweet bullshit! This time my mood was bitter but even so my sense of humor was sharp, that operator had a good laugh. Not his fault after all, no need to treat him like shit just because the network does the same with me.
I finally changed to a pre-paid plan and after a week requested my number to be changed to a new network provider. Thus ends a 18 years story.

MEO could have made some sweet talk and I would stay with them. They just had to give me a decent pre-paid plan with at least 5Gb of internet for a fair price. Sadly all their plans were pretty bad compared with other networks.
The Vodafone network for example has a plan with 500 Minutes/SMS (500 in total btw. Yep, send one SMS and say bye bye to one minute of talk) plus 3Gb of internet and 20Gb for some social networks and VOIP services. This means I can actually make phone calls via Snapchat or Facebook without much worry because I have 20Gb on my pre-paid plan.
As of now I pay 21Euros for that pre-paid plan, the best thing is that what you don’t spend in the current month will go to the next one, sure there is a limit but it’s better than losing it all like in MEO. Details like that win the costumer.

What bugs me is not having those 20Gb for Spotify, not really a big deal because I’m a Premium user so I can save music when I’m a t home but it would be nice. Maybe they will give that option one of these days.

To end this rant, even the most faithful costumer will show you the finger if you abuse his or her good will. Just saying….

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