Spotify, so I was wrong.

A little disclaimer, I’m not being paid by Spotify or have any kind of commercial deal with them, I pay my subscriptions from my pocket.

I love the physical medium, after all I still avidly collect CDs and already shared that I think streaming services hurt the music industry in the long run.
After some heavy resistance I subscribed to Spotify Premium, even if it goes against some preconceived opinions I got about streaming services, stuff like:
1. I’ll never ever own the music.
2. Streaming wastes my smartphone data plan if I’m not careful.
3. Artists are not paid enough by Spotify.
4. Subscription services make music disposable.

To the above I had to consider after some resistance:
1. I also watch YouTube and will never own that content.
2. Ok, at least in Premium one can download the songs to hear later and that’s a nice touch to save my short data plan.
3. I’m sure it surely beats having their music downloaded for free on the internet.
4. Well, if you love music it will never be disposable.

So why the hell did I start using Spotify Premium after all?
– The free option sucks hard if you enjoy choosing the music you want to hear. It’s ok if you need a radio like option. Premium is the way to go if you want to control the music.
– The quality is way better in Premium, I’m an audio enthusiast after all.
– I don’t need to change CDs to put some music for my kids, choosing music was never so easy and my kids love it. 5 hours of Disney songs…just press play.
– I got a stand alone application for Linux, thus I don’t need to store music on the tiny SSDs my laptops use.
– It’s possible to use a smartphone to control what other device plays from any place in the world thus making Spotify Premium the best remote control in the world.
– It’s a fun way of knowing about new artists.

Less attractive things.
– Some albums are not available.
– Some artists still refuse to let Spotify stream their stuff, and I totally respect that.
– It’s a service so it can change prices or even be terminated.

Again I don’t make money from saying good things about Spotify, I just think it’s a really cool way to enjoy music without too much work from the end user.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my CD and Lossless collection but sometimes I just need to have some music handy without too much worry about changing CDs.
As a plus it sure beats using Youtube.

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