My opinion on the MQA codec.


Image from Wikipedia.

My short opinion about the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) codec. Be warned I don’t like it one bit. (pun intended)

To keep it short, MQA it’s just another way to push a proprietary closed source codec upon audio enthusiasts and making cash along the way.

If this codec becomes mainstream it will result in a higher price for the end user (that will be me and probably you also).
I don’t mind paying artists but I do mind when I must pay for a codec when there are free alternatives in the wild.
I’m all for innovation but when said innovation brings practical uses to the table, the Sony ATRAC codec for example was pretty impressive when paired with the MiniDisc format.

Mp3 became the de facto standard for ok quality over really slow Internet, even if today there are better alternatives both proprietary and open-source. Mp3 does the job and is so imbued on user’s life that it will take a long time until another codec replaces it.
Not so with MQA, a codec mostly for a niche group but with the hope of reaching mainstream music lovers, something Flac already did in a certain way.

Hardcore enthusiasts and audiophile magazines are shoving negative opinions (some very objective) to the side. Saying that negativity doesn’t help the hobby.
Remember that these are the same people who in a way or another are connected to the industry, so maybe negativity isn’t just the problem deep down at the root.

Well, I’m not the most objective guy to write about this MQA drama, so go visit Archimago’s blog and get a better objective view on the technical detail of the codec.

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