The KZ ZS5 Balanced Armature drama.


KZ ZS5 official image for the first version. Yes, that BA looks odd there.

Some time ago a reviewer who shall not be named started complaining that KZ lied about their (at the time of release) flagship ZS5. After he disassembled the IEM shell (probably with a hammer looking at the awful job he did) the reviewer found that the BA driver was not inside or directed at the nozzle of the IEM. Drama mode engaged!

Now to be fair, at the time of the release of the 1st version, I did notice that BA position on the marketing photos, so to KZ defense they didn’t lie about that.
Also, the 1st version of the ZS5 did sound great so no harm was done, besides the click bait drama generated by that reviewer.

Anyway, after all of that drama KZ noticed their mistake and silently corrected the BA driver position, but they did it without any warning in their packages thus the 2nd version sold with the reputation of the 1st one.
Sadly this change in the BA position also apparently changed the tonality of the IEM giving it even more treble than before. Some reviewers hate the new version, I’m yet to hear it so I can’t give my opinion.


The new official version of the KZ ZS5 aka version 2. Now you got 2 BA together for full piercing effect.

In a way, KZ couldn’t avoid this shitstorm even if they wanted it, but they could inform the users about the 2nd version.

Even so, I feel I’m requesting too much from a new Chinese niche brand after all the ZS5 and ZS6 are very inspired by an even more niche High-End IEM.

Dramas aside the new ZS6 sounds great and I’ll give my opinion about it very soon.

One thought on “The KZ ZS5 Balanced Armature drama.

  1. yeah I like the KZ ZS5 the stock tips that came with mine sucked but with some foam tips the fit was fine for me. Pretty sure I have the version 1 since I bought them around August of last year. I think the 2 balanced armatures pointing directly in the earhole on version 2 would cause too much shrillness in the highs.

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