Living with a wood stove.

Before Christmas, we bought a Barmat “Torre” wood stove because my house doesn’t have central heating and during the winter we had to use electric oil heaters.
My old house is cold and the “use more clothes” bullshit doesn’t really work when you have 3 kids playing and running around, so we decided that burning wood would be a good way to save on the electric bill.
Yes, it’s not green but it’s way better than most fireplaces people use around here so it’s not that bad either.

People who bitch about others burning wood don’t like it because they think it makes too much smoke and pollution. Sure it does when you don’t know what you are doing when you do know how to burn wood, very little to no smoke goes out from the chimney, instead of that you see a jet stream of heat going out.
Having a wood stove especially the one I use requires some knowledge of what you are doing. Lucky me, my father comes from a family who once had a firewood business, it’s a nice know-how to have even if sometimes I burn briquettes because I’m too lazy to choose wood to burn.
I think people are forgetting some old ways, ok sure it’s a lot of work cutting firewood but in return, you really respect all the work involved in heating your home. It’s not a push of a button thing.

Not only that but one also starts to follow the weather with a close eye. I only heat my home when the temperature goes below a certain point.
I don’t have a fetish of watching wood burn so my stove doesn’t have a window or anything that can break with use, it’s a utilitarian thing that burns wood and heats the home nothing more and nothing less.
Using fire can be dangerous and using a wood stove requires some guidelines one must read from the user manual or at least some common sense. The “I’m too good to read the user manual” might get you in deep shit, just saying.
Also, this kind of stoves can be really dangerous for kids, so keep them far away for them when in use.

The back to nature revival is not really my thing, I love tech and all the comfort it brings, but this wood stove was one of the few things I and my wife really wanted to purchase. Mostly because we wanted an alternative way of heating food and the house if things went wrong, but that’s a story for another time.
Now if you don’t mind I’m going to start my wood stove. Keep yourself safe and warm.

Update on 14 February 2018
I must admit the oven is heating the home better than expected so I’m very happy. I had to buy a little thermometer to know when it’s time to load more firewood. Works great and it’s also a great way to avoid overheating.

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