Cmoy headphone amp update.

Looking at my blog statistics I noticed some visits on my now old and very dead Cmoy project.
Out of respect for the people who are visiting I wanna give an update on my electronics projects.

Since I built that Cmoy headphone amplifier and crossfeed my life changed quite a bit, I don’t have the patience I once had to setup my soldering and electronics rig. Plus, having kids running around when you are soldering is not very safe.
The Cmoy is a great project but it has some flaws when comparing it with some newer kits you can buy on ebay. With that said, it’s still a great way to learn the way Opamps work and maybe start the fire of the hobby in you.
In my case the Cmoy was the gateway to learn that the electronics hobby is an expensive one and a true rabbit hole if you follow it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to build things but I also like to build practical things that I will use daily and not just something that will gather dust after being finished.
The Cmoy became redundant as soon as I bought my Lake People headphone amp, but what I learned was and still is very useful.

I still want to build a headphone amplifier kit with a proper designed board and I bought one some days ago, so it was a surprise to see people visiting my old Cmoy.
Building some kits and maybe finish some crossfeed projects are still on my list of things to do.
I love to fix stuff but electronics as an hobby requires knowledge, time, patience and money. I lack all of those things.

I still think soldering is a skill anyone should know because you can fix lots of little problems just by soldering a wire or changing a capacitor.

Anyway have fun.