Why I don’t like Head-Fi.

Yep! I really don’t like Head-Fi!
Some of you might have noticed that I don’t link or mention much the so-called biggest headphone related community in the world. There are some reasons for that and I will explain them next.

You see, before Head-Fi there was HeadWize.com the first true hub of headphone enthusiasts in the world mostly due to Pow Chu Moy’s work , he had very strong convictions and didn’t want to sell out his site to the highest bidder, thus due to high traffic HeadWize.com started to fall apart because Moy’s budget didn’t allow for more, so slowly the community went to the next best thing, Head-Fi.
Watching this from the shadows was heartbreaking even for a lurker like me, curious fact during those times I had to use the internet access of my close friends because I didn’t have a computer.
Chu Moy’s heart was in the correct place, so much that thankfully his legacy lived on and there are still enthusiast forums dedicated to headphones that try to be independent, many of those communities still have members from HeadWize.com so you can see the true importance of Chu Moy’s work.

I don’t like Mr. Jude Mansilla’s Head-Fi because he just cloned Chu Moy’s idea then built upon it and profited from it. That’s also why he so very protective of his sponsors to the point of banning anyone who points bullshit made by them.
When a site is commercially driven you must keep users inside the corral so you can show to the sponsors that their money is well spent on you.
If you Google search for the term “Banned from Head-Fi” you might get my point really fast, Head-Fi is not a bastion of free speech especially if you touch Mr. Jude’s sponsors.
If you are curious I was never banned from Head-Fi but after this, I might get the boot, not that I care. xD I would use it has a badge of honor like so many ex-members.

Sadly even I must sometimes follow some topics on Head-Fi because some members there have lots of knowledge but no I never commented there, I have my limits.

As for the community I know some users and they are good people, they could be even better if they were allowed to share their critical views, but Head-Fi is no HeadWize.

Like all things sooner or later a better thing will make the users flock yet again and Mr. Jude knows this, after all, that’s what he did to HeadWize, maybe his minion’s draconian moderation of the forums will be his undoing, just saying.

This is my opinion so deal with it. I can’t always be nice, some shit must be pointed out.

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