HeadWize Memorial.

After I wrote my “Why I don’t like Head-Fi” rant I went down memory lane and visited some HeadWize articles, by chance I also learned that anyone who buys the domain can request the deletion of HeadWize to the WaybackMachine!
That’s a scary idea and I know some people who would love to erase history as we know it to serve their commercial projects.

With that in mind and the fact that there aren’t any mirrors live anymore, I decided to mirror the most important parts of the site to a WordPress platform.
I have enough knowledge, the patience to edit links/text/images/files by hand and above all the love for the now defunct project, so I embraced the idea. Yea, I’m that crazy.

I already worked on some pages of the site and I must admit I’m very happy with the outcome, this is also a way for me to have an offline backup of HeadWize.
This new layout it’s easier to print unlike the old one. Also, all images are locally hosted and only historical links direct to the Internet Archives mostly because some of those sites are also offline.
I also added new links to updated versions of articles published by other parties like for example Rane.

I hope this honors Mr. Chu Moy and all who helped him give so much to the headphone community.

Anyway, you can visit the HeadWize Memorial and reach your own conclusions.


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