Tales of lack of breath.

I started this last April with a mighty flu, which left behind a massive problem for my lungs. You see I’m not yet 40 thus in my mind I still think I’ll get better on my own without going to a doctor. Big mistake and I paid for it big time!

After more than a week with lack of breath I called a health line my country has for these kind of things, sure thing they gave me something to clean my lungs, 8 days later I had to walk to my health center and talk with my doctor, who looked at me like I was dying (not far from the truth, to be fair the lack of oxygen on my blood was very dangerous).
After receiving some emergency medicine and oxygen to raise my levels to normal ones, my doctor gave me some prescription drugs including an antibiotic. I had to take a taxi home because any effort was awful to me.
Another result of my visit to the doctor was that I was grounded, no work for me until I heal my lungs. Yea, my stupidity hurt my lungs and my wallet.

Now I’m off to an X-ray next week because now at least I can walk a bit.
What to learn from this mess? If you have lack of breath go to a doctor, don’t wait it out.
Don’t play the waiting game or you pay dearly for it.

I also learned some curious lessons from lack of breath, people who have lung diseases suffer a lot in Lisbon. Elevators out of order, massive stairways in the public transportation network some with out of order escalators, etc.
Just the Cais do Sodré terminal is an example of massive disregard for people with pulmonary problems. The subway elevator of the end station (Cais do Sodré) is often closed to the public thus the alternative is the massive stairs you must go up to go out of the station. The train terminal has their escalators often disabled also.
For someone like me with lack of breath, it was something close to torture. I can only imagine people who must deal with this all their life.

There is a total disregard for sick people in my country. I won’t even touch the problems some disabled people must face.

Anyway, this also explains why I’m not writing on my blog, let’s say I’m not in the best of moods.

Wishing all the best and see you all soon.

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