Senfer XBA 6in1 Review.

I must admit I was charmed by the KZ ZS6 when I started using the Senfer XBA 6in1, the ZS6 has deep bass and aggressive highs, all that I love in a good earphone. Yes, it’s no surprise by now you should know I like treble cannons.
Then the XBAs arrived on a little yellow box, Igor from wrote highly about them so I bought a pair. I had very little hope they would dethrone the ZS6, well I was wrong, very wrong.

The Senfer XBA grows on you, slowly but surely. Their treble is still a bit wild but to less extent than most balanced armature KZ earphones. the mids and lows are controlled if you have a decent seal and good tips. After a while, you will forget you are using earphones, unlike the sometimes uncomfortable and heavy ZS6.

The Senfers are not as detailed as the ZS6, then again they won’t pierce your eardrums if you are sensitive to treble. They go loud but always balanced and in control and I love them for that. The bass goes very deep and is tight. The XBAs are for the most part very balanced sounding.

I liked them so much I bought a second pair just like I did with my ZS6s, yea they are that good. It’s the type of earphone you will regret not having on your collection when Senfer stops making them.
Construction wise they won’t win any prizes on design originality, but the MMCX connectors on the housings will make them last a long time, a replacement cable can also bring an upgrade to the table if you need an earphone to use with your smartphone.
The silver version has a print mistake on one of the housing labels, it’s aesthetic so it’s not the end of the world for most people. If you don’t tolerate little mistakes, I recommend therapy and the black version IF you can find it.

Anyway to end, if you need a pair of earphones that are comfortable, have a balanced sound and push way over their price tag the Senfer XBA 6in1 is something to consider.
The MMCX cables are easy to get hold of if you need an alternative cable and that in my book is a huge bonus compared with the 2 pin KZ options.

Accessories and cables depending on the shop you buy the Senfers, so choose wisely.

Note: Igor for works with affiliate links, I’m not associated with him in any way besides my huge respect for his work.

One thought on “Senfer XBA 6in1 Review.

  1. As a circumaural headphone guy, it seems so easy to get lost in the world of IEMs/earbuds because I haven’t heard of any of the brands. Also, it’s good to know you like treble cannons. Your DT 990 certainly qualifies.

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