The challenge of going lightweight.

I love backpacks, messenger bags, and bags in general. I admit that as a prepper I have a thing for bags, it comes with the territory.BackpackDecathlon
Before I got sick, I was using a Decathlon Tribord watertight backpack, for harsh Winters it’s by far the best backpack I ever had. Sure it’s not so nice in the Summer unless you want to cook some lunch inside.
Anyway, my main problem with that big backpack was that I started to carry a lot of unnecessary stuff. When I got sick I finally understood why my wife complained that I carried way too much stuff on my daily commute.
With my breathing problem any weight was too much to carry, so for some days I carried only a 1-liter water bottle and left my backpack in my work locker.
Then it hit me that I didn’t need to carry so much stuff with me.

Depending on the daily task, I often use my Katana leather messenger or satchel. I like leather because it’s classic and lasts a lifetime if well maintained, unlike synthetic materials that often can’t be fixed.

1173_KatanaI always bring a bottle of water with me so any stuff I carry must have space for a small to a medium water bottle.
Besides water, I carry my Walkman and earphones, my smartphone, my prescription sunglasses (in the Summer), and some plastic bags for groceries. For longer trips, I also might take an Ikea Powerbank and charger.

For my work commute, I didn’t travel so lightly, besides the 1-liter water bottle, my commute setup would have a small first aid kit, my prepper kit with tools, medication and other stuff. I would also carry my tablet, charger, and some papers. All of this stuff would have their own cases to add to the weight. Join that with food and sometimes some clothes and it would add up very fast.

So to cut weight from my backpack I dropped my first aid kit, my pepper kit was downsized, the tablet will stay at home, papers will be downsized also. I will keep a charger at work.
I also decided that my water bottle will be a half liter one, water is one of those essential things when traveling. Any person who travels without water is playing with his or her life, one never knows when shit can happen. For longer trips I always take a 1.5-liter bottle, one can stay without food but not without water.Crossbody

Anyway, these days besides the satchel and messenger for daily use, I have a small shoulder backpack that will do the honors when I commute to work and don’t need to take food or clothes. It’s lightweight and has enough space for my stuff and a small water bottle.
I will probably buy more versions of this kind of backpack because I enjoy having alternatives for Winter and Summer.

In a way getting sick was a way to change some of my really bad habits. It’s sad but true.

For people who travel daily with heavy backpacks please consider my words, avoid carrying heavy stuff on your shoulders unless it’s totally necessary, your body will say thanks in the long run.

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