Improving the blog.

Finally had some time to update my blog, mostly trying to comply with the new European Union’s privacy laws, the disclaimer is now better and more visible across the blog. I removed the obligation of having to insert an email address on both the contact page and commentary section. It will give me more work with spam but I hope the automatic system can deal with it.

I updated text layouts and grammar around the blog, inserted some photos on the My Gear page, I also added a new Reference Music page with the songs and albums I enjoy and use as a reference to write my opinions.
In fact, from now on I will try to include the music I heard during my audition of headphones, it will make the reviews a little more interesting.

I changed the location of some links on the main menu of the blog, so it’s easier to access and find things around here.

Some other things will be added this year if all goes as planned. For now, I don’t have more updates on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Improving the blog.

  1. I also need to work on mentioning music used in reviews of audio products. It’s a balancing act though because everyone has different tastes and I don’t want to turn people off by spending too much time discussing music they don’t care about.

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    • People are curious so in a way they will read about new music if you present it in a concise manner. I’m sure you won’t turn people off by sharing what you are enthusiast about, if you do then it’s their problem for being narrow minded.


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