Innerfidelity after Tyll Hertsens.

So Tyll retired to travel the world in his van Putt, hope he’s having fun and also hope he shares that fun with his old readers. After all some of us enjoy other things besides Headphones.

Anyway the new editor behind Innerfidelity is the reason I’m writing this entry, you see Mr. Rafe Arnott is not Tyll Hertsens and he will never be to be sincere, this new editor alienates some of the crowd who enjoyed Tylls writing so much.
From all posts I had to read on both Innerfidelity and outside of it, I noticed this new editor lacks the technical skills to review gear objectively like Tyll did, and that was a mistake from the new owners of Innerfidelity.
I actually gave the man some chances but with articles defending subjective over objective the man is up to a really awful start.
Perls like and I quote: “measurements never really meant a lot to me from a listening standpoint.” (Read the above link for more) Yea, this editor isn’t Tyll FOR sure!

Then we have his way of dealing with comments, can’t take the heat, write some pearls like this one:
Captura de ecrã de 2018-06-13 22-01-08.pngI think that idea (Tyll V2) was pretty much dead after reading his last articles.
Also related with comments, unlike Tyll Mr. Rafe enjoys a good moderation filter like the one below, can’t take the heat?
Yea, after almost a day and multiple comments published, mine is nowhere to be seen, looks like the filters is biased towards Mr. Rafe and not his “haters”.
To be fair my comment was fairly polite and low tone but when you lack a editorial backbone, critical comments tend to go up in smoke.
I will leave my comment for your consideration:
Pretty hardcore right? I totally deserved to be censored! I was mean to Mr. Rafe!
I never in my YEARS of reading Innerfidelity had a comment taken down by the editor, and believe me some should have been taken down for pure trolling.

So what’s next? Well, nothing really.
I’ll just stop reading the site and go on with my life. Innerfidelity is pretty much gone to me. Tyll was the soul of the place and only a experienced editor with his way of dealing and connecting with the readers could have saved the site from crashing and burning, sadly the publishers made a huge mistake by giving a balanced site built upon objectivity to someone who pushes subjectivity.

Tyll might have hated Beyerdynamics but I always loved the guy, and that’s saying a lot about the way he connected with his readers.
You are missed Tyll, so very missed.