Audiophiles please be nice online.

I should say that in the past I was very aggressive towards some of the bullshit in the audiophile hobby, these days I’m less inclined to attack fellow audiophiles. It’s also no secret I can be very blunt if someone tries to shove pseudoscience up my ass, seriously don’t even try it.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about the attitude of some older enthusiasts towards newer and sometimes younger people starting in the hobby.
I know most us are helpful to newbies and that makes me happy, but there is a handful of older elitist clowns who enjoy bashing newbies on online forums or social platforms.
I’m totally against this kind of people and will call them out on the spot, be it online or face to face.
This is a hobby which needs new blood, doesn’t matter if it’s from lower budget enthusiasts or high-end aficionados. Sure most people into higher-end gear will help or even demo gear to other enthusiasts, be it on gatherings or audio societies, that’s something which makes me proud of the hobby I love so much.
So every time I see newbies being stepped upon I cringe, why the fuck won’t these really nice enthusiasts step forward and put these bullies in their place? Is it fear or plain indifference?

Newbies are the blood of the hobby, especially on the headphone/IEM niches.
People must start somewhere, so having one of these older audiophile elite assholes bashing you right and left just because you made a question is something that really upsets me.
I’m all for a good discussion between enthusiasts, but one should keep in mind that younger users to the hobby should be cherished.
For example, I don’t really care about cables and connectors altering the Frequency response of headphones, but I won’t go full guns blazing against newbies who believe a 20€ cable will make a night and day difference on their 20€ budget IEMs.
I tend to nudge them towards better gear without all the cable bashing.

So please audiophiles be nice online, the hobby thanks you.
Yea, I know it’s really frustrating watching newbies spending money in bullshit without saying something about it, but sometimes it’s better to guide them than bash them.

Just be most excellent to each other! Please.

So why this mini-rant about being nice?
Bryan Lunduke made a challenge to himself about being nice online for a month, I actually followed his footsteps and I’m doing the same without some of the strict rules he implemented. I’m trying this challenge mostly for fun, but to be fair I’m already pretty nice online so I might be cheating a bit.
Anyway, a funny thing did happen, not only I’m commenting less on really negative things, but I’m also doing some positive things.
I also dropped from some groups who have very negative people on them, instead of giving a shit about those persons, I’m now enjoying more gaming and other stuff I actually enjoy doing.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that if people really miss you they will reach out to you. Until now no one in those groups reached out so in a way I was right to go out the door.

Wrote this hearing the beautiful voice of Sarah Àllain.

I wrote a little follow up to this rant.

2 thoughts on “Audiophiles please be nice online.

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