Why I’m leaving audiophile communities.

This is a follow-up Audiophiles please be nice online.

Audiophile communities are an amazing way to learn about new gear, new mods and also meet some cool people who enjoy the hobby.
Sadly those same harbors of knowledge can be really negative, some members ruin the fun for everyone, be it with constant entitled nagging about advice or just dramatic bullshit. I had enough of that, so I closed the door on some of those communities.

The world is negative enough these days. At least online one can choose what and whom to follow. Sure I’ll keep reading stuff in lurker mode and maybe comment on blogs but for now, that’s it.
Interacting with those audiophile communities with my age feels a bit like masochism, especially because I also belong to other communities who have really amazing members. People who are supportive, caring, mature and actually enjoy life beyond their hobbies.
So yea. I’m really tired of bullshit and the older I get the less patience I have for some persons in the audiophile community.

Like I said before, now I have more time for gaming, writing and above I have time for myself.

Have fun with your hobbies, that’s their main purpose. Now if you don’t mind I’ll be playing Secret World Legends.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m leaving audiophile communities.

  1. I leave a post on Head-Fi once every two months or so. I have always found forums too hostile in general for me to bother participating. I most definitely never create threads because I’ll inevitably get scolded every time for putting it in the wrong section or not checking to see if someone posted a similar thread five years ago. Most communities develop a kind of hive mind mentality, too, and then all you get are people repeating the same hive mind-approved messages. I do lurk in some audio circles because audio is so subjective and I live to know what others are experiencing. When it comes to the DIY PC scene, I just don’t feel like I have anything to learn from those forums anymore. You’re right: Your time is better spent gaming.

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  2. Yep, too hostile. I even got scolded for taking too long to finish on my DIY project on a thread I myself had opened… Not to mention old school audiophile forums like the – fortunately now extinct – forumhifi (yep, that Portuguese one you are thinking of). Those were the real deal! Snake oil and disguised sellers, lots of disrespect for older and wiser members, etc…

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