My rules to review free or discounted samples of gear.

In the past, I complained about people making blogs just to receive free samples from audiophile stores. Well, enthusiasts like yours truly are also approached by stores and if some reviewing rules are meet it’s possible for me to review gear without the monetary bias. I will be fair and admit some politeness will always be involved after all stores are sending free gear for review.

My rules:
1. I don’t change reviews of free/discounted gear on demand.

2. I won’t sell free samples but I might sell discounted gear so I can buy more stuff to review or pay for blog related stuff like hosting and domain.

3. I won’t accept any money to review gear.

4. I will always disclose free samples or discounted gear.

There you have it, simple rules so I don’t become a corrupted reviewer full of shit.
This hobby is expensive as hell and if cooperation with selected stores is the best way for me to review stuff, you can bet I will follow that road. In that regard, my wife was the one to push me in that direction, because the money I spend on this hobby is money I won’t spend on my family and sooner or later I would have to stop or at least slow down my hobby expenses.
Last but not least, I will keep being honest about my hobby, I do this for fun after all.

One thought on “My rules to review free or discounted samples of gear.

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