Reviews and my new approach to the blog.

I must admit that I got mixed feelings about reviewing headphones.
My problem happens before I start writing, I feel like I’m not good enough to pass along my opinion in a language I don’t fully grasp yet. This insecurity isn’t new to me but it’s still a handicap I often try to vanquish by working on my grammar or by learning new words.

I’m going to start doing longer reviews soon, so please bear with me as I learn to write on what I hope is a better style for this blog.
I don’t write professionally and I feel a bit out of my safety zone when I must do new things on my blog. I do love music and writing, so I hope I can intertwine both things in my writing without losing too much of my passion.

As for reviews, well the problem with them is that they start feeling repetitive and boring when you write many. For someone who searches a headphone and just visits once it’s probably ok, but it’s not the same for a returning reader.
It’s sad but a dedicated review blog or site will lose their appeal after a while, I want to avoid that on my blog but it’s very hard.

I don’t want my online home to be only about headphones but I do admit most of my traffic is focused on that topic, so while I’m at it I may as well enjoy the ride and write about other related things the hobby has to offer. Heck! I might even review cables (not the sound quality but the build quality, materials, etc), one needs to be bold sometimes.

My opinion articles will continue to be written every time I feel the need to rant about Hi-Fi. Some dad things will appear, did you know that besides my 3 kids I also got a kitten?
DIY is not forgotten but between being lazy as hell, my work and my family, it’s hard to build stuff. I still want to do it so let’s wait and see. Better pull a chair and a good book just in case the wait is long… 🙂

I’m still active on Twitter, dropped from Facebook, don’t use Vero that much, still love Discord and some of its communities not related to audio, I still dislike Reddit but I had to make an account so I could follow some topics.

Some time ago I bought the Yinyoo HQ5, an amazing Chi-Fi IEM in my modest opinion. Curious fact not many people have them so there’s very little hype around the model. Very detailed in the higher frequencies, instrument separation is great on the mids, the bass is a bit tamed but very controlled. The Yinyoo does what’s expected from a 200€ IEM, I bought it with a massive discount during an event on Aliexpress. I’ll probably use it as my reference IEM for a while.

I also bought the Takstar Pro 82 by following the advice of Hyp0xia29, the pro 82 is now the best portable cans I have on my collection.
For more information on the Pro 82 read Hypoxia’s review here.

I don’t have much more to share but something tells me I will post something soon.
As usual, any question just reach me here or on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Reviews and my new approach to the blog.

  1. Your writing looks perfectly fine to me; in fact, I can confidently say you write better than most Americans. It’s not like you’re writing poetry. Just express your ideas in a way that makes sense and I don’t think most people will care much beyond that. I completely relate to the feeling of sounding repetitive though. I struggle with that every time I sit down to write a blog post.

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