Audio Enthusiasts – ana(dia)log.

I first found ana(dia)log via The Walkman Archive blog, even if sometimes I don’t agree with this Italian gentleman I felt the need to reach out to him privately and interview him. We both share a deep love for music and in that we agree in most things.
I’m without a doubt someone who enjoys the digital medium, after all I spend most of my teenager years hearing Mini-Disc and CD’s, ana(dia)log on the other hand is a analogue enthusiast, tapes and vinyl are his passion.
I highly recommend a visit to his youtube if you like the analogue medium. Above all he’s a really nice person and this hobby needs more people like him.

1. Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?
Well, as you maybe have seen in on my channel I do not like to talk about myself even though I do open up when people write to me privately. I can say that I am 50% Italian and 50% American and I currently live in Florence Italy. I have a great passion for music and, yes, you’ve guess it, for High fidelity! In life, for work, I do something completely different, which I also love but now it is work and you interact differently when that happens. That is why I cannot and must never turn my Hi-Fi passion into a job.

2. What music do you enjoy and why?
The music I enjoy the most is 1970’s Rock and 1950’s-1970’s Jazz. After these, I also adore blues, classical (mainly baroque), country, folk, hard-rock, reggae, funk, afro, latin and the combination and/or contamination of these etc.

3. Why are you enthusiastic about audio?
Uuuh! This is a tough question. Well first of all, as I said, I truly and viscerally love music. I used to play (badly) a few instruments, guitar, flute, drums, piano, which got me closer to music…but I never got good.
Music, as Oscar Wild described it, is an art that does not need any decoding or tools to understand or appreciate. It just reaches you and it inevitably binds with your soul!
Parallel to this passion, is that of music reproduction. I am greatly fascinated by all analog gear and how music was recorded and reproduced. The challenge, or pathology, depends from  which point of view you adopt, to reach a faithful reproduction never ends and you truly enjoy spending hours just to enhance a little bit the sound coming from your speakers. It is a process that takes several years, of experience, knowledge and also money saving! But in the end it is highly rewarding. Don’t get me wrong I perfectly understand and see how the vast majority of people just do not care about this aspect, even though I am sure that a lot of them would change their mind after listening to a good system. In fact, a lot of people are focused, for example, on lyrics. I am an audiophile rhythm slave! I love to hear the quality and details of the instruments, the environment reverberation and the crowd in the background in live performances. That all builds up in a what I think is the most important aspect of music listening, and more specifically in music reproduction, the degree of engagement, which in my opinion is directly proportional to the faithfulness of sound.

4. What audio gear do you use?
I did make a recent video on this aspect but I must admit that a few things have already changed. Here is my system: ATC-SCM35 3-way monitor loudspeakers, Technics SL1200G turntable, Black Cube SE phono pre-amp, Audiocom Signature modified Oppo BDP-105D media spinner (CD, SACD, Blue-ray, DVD-Audio HDCD etc), a reel to reel 2 track Telefunken M15 recorder and a Studer A810 recorder, also a 4 track Philips N4520, a Nakamichi Dragon tape deck, a NAD 6300 tape deck, a Pioneer D-09 DAT recorder, and other gizmos all powered by (new entry) a Primaluna Dialog Premium HP integrated tube amplifier. My reference headphones are a pair of HiFiMan HE-560. All components are connected and powered by power conditioners and high quality cables, a few of which made by me. For the rest of my portable gear…you are going to have to check my ‘Nomadic Audiophile’ vid.

5. What would be your perfect audio gear setup?
The one I have! Just joking…well actually I would change everything and go to a much higher quality range but at that level the prices are insane. Even if I had the money I think that certain prices are just offensive! Let’s just say that I would love to experiment a Continuum Caliburn turntable (like Michael Fremer), a Studer A820 and a Studer C37 recorders, perhaps a pair of Focal Utopia and a Gryphon CD player all amplified by Lamm or McIntosh. Strangely enough, I just started to explore tubes so for that I need more time.

6. What is your favorite format for audio and why?
My favorite format with out any doubt is TAPE. From our beloved and betrayed cassettes all the way up to 2 track 15/30ips reel to reel tape! Immediately after that, vinyl.
The sound reproduced by tape has a degree of engagement and pleasure that no other medium has ever delivered me. That’s it! It’s all there.

7. Would you like to share some photos of your audio gear?
Sure, but please just take a look at the video. As I said I hate to show off but I do understand you you must somehow comunicate what you are using for recording and playback:

Interview conducted 18/09/2019

The concept behind Audio Enthusiasts was inspired from the amazing My Linux Rig.
If you want to get interviewed drop me a line here or via Twitter.

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