AKG – Y20 Mini Review.

I bought the AKG for 25€ on Amazon.es (Amazon’s own stock just in case you think I bought a fake). I’ll try my best to give an honest opinion about the gear. Let me save you some time, the Y20 sounds like shit…there, review done.

AKG is an old company known for many high-end headphones and other professional gear, they shouldn’t be proud of the Y20 even if it sells like crazy mostly due to a Wirecutter review. These in-ears sound bad compared with anything on their 25€ price range, stay away from them, you have been warned!

Testing rig
I tested the Y20 with my Creative Labs E5 because it sounded so bad on my Sony L1 that I had to be sure what was going on.

Built quality & specifications
The overall build quality feels cheap for the price, they have a nice design.
You can’t change the cable and there are no strain reliefs, this cable isn’t going to last very much of that you can be sure. The 3.5mm plug is a puny thing.

Everyone likes specifications so here are some I could find:
– Dynamic driver
– Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
– Sensitivity: 111dB SPL/V
– Impedance: 32Ω (My Sony L1 had to be maxed out to have decent volume with these ones)

Daily use
These are so lightweight and comfortable, environment isolation is almost ok. I must admit I didn’t use them outside very much.

Bass, well there’s some bass but there’s no slam whatsoever, forget sub-bass.
The mids are good enough to hear the voice and some instruments but there are no layers or detail, it’s a shitty forward mess, not helped by some sibilance and very aggressive treble that lacks finesse or detail. KZ in-ears in this price range are aggressive but you got details.
These sound fine if you want to watch a movie or some youtube video, forget them for Hi-Fi, even the worst sounding KZ is better than these AKG’s.

So to make it clear, AVOID the Y20 at all costs! Do not buy these earbuds, 25€ can buy you better headphones from Sony, Philips, Sennheiser or any other mainstream brand.
For you to have an idea, I got 20-year-old Sony earbuds which sound better!

If you need to find out what songs I used to make this review please visit this page.

The good & the ugly
The in-ear shells have a nice design….The little AKG bag looks cool.
Cheap construction, awful sound…it’s a shitty muddy mess.
I don’t believe I bought this piece of crap for 25€. There are 5€ Chi-Fi earbuds that sound better.
Glad I bought this in-ear so anyone who trusts my opinion can save some bucks.

Yes, I don’t write about “soundstage” or imaging, refer to this entry for more explanations on that.

This is a mini-review with less than 600 words when possible, I have lot’s of cheap in-ears I want to review but I don’t want to lose lot’s of time with them, plus I don’t have the original boxes or accessories.

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