My KZ Top 3.

I must admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for KZ Acoustics in-ears and because of that, I follow their releases with some attention.
My main problem with KZ, is their aggressive release schedule, they literally cut the value of their top gear almost as soon as it’s released, lucky for us it’s also a good way to get some really nice in-ears on the cheap. So, I better not complain too much about it.

Because everyone loves lists and also because I need to fill an article slot on my blog.
I decided to make my top 3 KZ in-ear list. Because, why not? It’s almost Christmas anyway!

Also, keep in mind this list might get updated every time I find better KZ in-ears.
I’m not made of money, so yea, don’t expect me to buy all KZ releases.

1 – AS10 (Full Review)
The AS10 has an overall detailed sound quality for a V-Shaped in-ear, the new in-house low frequency balanced armature really kicks ass. The ZS6 loses to this model because of its brutal treble, which the AS10 tamed.

2 – ZS6 (Review)
The sound of these in-ears doesn’t feel V-shaped, even if the treble can be a bit too much on some songs and can cause a bit of fatigue to some people. The ZS6 are not sub-bass canons but have very controlled bass and great mid range.
The build quality is amazing, even if the design mostly belongs to Campfire Audio.

3 – ZSN (Mini Review)
The ZSN is a V-shaped in-ear, the lower range will slam hard, but keep in mind the bass will bleed to the mids.
The mids for a V-shaped are rather decent and solid if you forgive the invasive bass.
Treble has a lot of detail and I have heard much more aggressive treble coming from other KZ models
The build quality is superior to the ZST and for that reason, ZST was removed.

Old recommendations

ZST Pro (Guide)  (Removed because the ZSN is better built)
If you enjoy the presence of high frequencies on your songs, then this model is great, but the bass feels a bit dull and might need EQ to boost it. It’s one of my favorite cheap models from KZ but it’s an acquired taste and can cause fatigue on long listening sessions. The ZST Pro is now a classic, if you need a fun in-ear, go for this one.

20 Novembre 2018 Removed the ZST in favor of the better built ZSN. 

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