Is the AS10 good for live performances?

Hydeout Vitor
Acha que o AS10 pode ser uma boa opção para performances ao vivo? Tenho o KST preto e ele não fica firme. Uma orelha sai mais que a outra e como ficam frouxos, o grave é quase inexistente quando tenho de movimentar mais.

For my non-Portuguese readers, Vitor asks if the AS10 is a good option for live performances.

The AS10 is a capable in-ear, but rather large, if you are lucky enough for it to fit, it will stay flat on the ears. With foam tips, it’s a great option for live performances.  

If the ZST (I suppose it’s the one you have) doesn’t fit you well. You will probably have problems with the AS10 in terms of fit. 

I took some photos so you can have the idea of the dimensions of both models. The photos are in High-Resolution, and sorry for the state of the ZST filter but it’s been in use.

A good and cheap option for live performances is the Doboly Q18 a Shure E2 clone (I have an alternative model, the FG002 (Photo) with inline microphone and volume control). Pair it with foam tips and you have a nice cheap beater for live shows, you can even buy two just in case.

As always my readers are free to ask me questions, I’ll answer the best I can or send you to an article which might help you if I lack the knowledge for it.

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