Going forward.

So it’s that time again, and some people are already busy doing typical new-year promises and future goals lists.
I’m no different, but I avoid promises I can’t keep and my goals are rather simple when compared with most of the population.

As life goes on, I just want to enjoy a growing relationship with my wife.
We have been together for 15 years now and I’m still learning new things about her. I find her beautiful and heartwarming. It’s like falling in love again.
As for my kids, I just want to watch them grow, my work schedule can be hard to conciliate with my family events and I’m not the most social person in the world. Never was and never will be and that I couldn’t change even if I wanted it.
I’m really friendly at work, but I rarely open up about my personal life, unless I really trust the person I’m talking to and that’s a rare occurrence.
I enjoy writing here, but I need to balance my privacy with the fact that lots of people I know can read my blog.

As for this blog, it’s now a mature project and I can do anything with it, expect some simple gear reviews and some surprises also, because why not.
Sadly, my country customs bureaucracy killed the idea of reviewing better gear sent by stores, but I’ll keep doing reviews of cheaper earphones or just gear I buy for my own use. I lost a lot of momentum when I was bricked walled by the Portuguese customs, but life goes on.

Most of my acquaintances don’t know but I’m a bit of an anime “otaku”, and as labels go, I kind of avoid that one if possible, because I’m now almost 40 years old and I don’t want to become a walking “How do you do, fellow kids” meme.
These days I’m enjoying the “Sword Art Online: Alicization” anime and reading the “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku” manga (I actually bought the books, because I like it so much).
I have got some anime series I need to catch up with, but nothing too big, because I’m not really into the school setting anime series anymore. That’s why I love “Wotakoi” so much, I can relate to the characters. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch those school related shows, I’m watching “Alicization” after all.

As for personal goals, well, I really need to fix some stuff at home and I’m going to start that in 2019.
Also I’ll be taking some exams that are required for my job, so I might get a bit of stress this year, but without those exams I can’t work and pay my bills so I’m going to tackle those in a rather aggressive way.
Because of all of that, I’m going to write a bit less around here, but it will be worth it.
I might start selling some stuff on eBay next year, but only for Europe, that’s a less important goal but still a goal. It would be rather nice to have a little more income to help me out at the end of the month.

Going forward to 2019.
Wishing you all a great year.

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