I’m changing my main internet browser.

For most people changing their internet browser is almost a daily thing, after all, many of us use different browsers depending on our daily tasks.
At work, I use Internet Explorer and Chrome, on my smartphone and Linux desktop I depended mostly on Chrome.
Given the fact I depend a lot on the Google ecosystem it’s only normal I depended on Chrome reliability until now.

So why the change?

After all, I do pay a monthly fee for Google Drive (now Google One), so I should continue using Chrome because it’s still working as it should.
Yes, but for how long? The Chrome developers in their never-ending wisdom want to change some under hood things that will break my favorite ad blocker, even if they say it’s not yet implemented and that they are working with application/extension developers, to avoid the shitstorm they might create if they implement said code change.

Why do I care?

Well, some months ago the Chrome developers pushed an update that messed around the privacy of users, something they corrected really fast because they received a lot of backlash from other developers in the security field.
Looks like the Google team doesn’t give a shit about the code they implement as long as it serves their propose, be it so-called security, faster page loading or maybe making their shareholder’s patrons happy.

Yes, I do have another opinion about applying code that breaks extensions which serve the purpose of helping users killing advertisement and control their privacy, Google doesn’t like it because it’s hurting their business of making money from selling advertisement.

Sure some of us disable ad blockers in specific sites, but for the most part they remain enabled, Google hates that.
The Youtube application for Android is a prime example on the way Google shoves ads down users throats, unless you have some system implemented to kill the ads at root level you are stuck with watching a bit of them.

Given the fact Google already controls the ads it shoves down our ass in the mobile world, it’s only normal they also want to do it on the desktop, the last bastion of privacy users still rely upon.

I changed to Firefox, it’s not perfect but it does the job.
Also in terms of extensions, it has more than Chrome and I do love the ones that let me control Youtube to great detail (Karma is a bitch).

For now, I’m transitioning from Chrome to Firefox, as soon as my wife and kids use Firefox easily, I’ll drop Chrome to a backup browser just like Firefox was until now.
A long time ago I was a Opera user, I abandoned ship way before it was sold to a really shady company, my paranoia was right, so let’s see if I’m right again.

Be safe, be in control.

Here’s a print screen of my Firefox homepage, a bit tweaked but I like it.

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