Audio Enthusiasts – Ross Andrews.

I’m going to be sincere, I don’t know when I started following Ross’s blog, but lets say probably when I still had my old Tumblr blog. That was a long time ago, believe me.
Ross makes a podcast that I recommend. Podcasters are a rare bread of people with the gift of communication and a lot of modesty, unlike the shouting game of some mainstream youtubers
Curious fact is Ross’s love for the US brand Schiit, he isn’t the first to be a fan and I’m sure he will not be the last. I don’t own any gear from that brand but I actually bought the book that tells the story of how the brand came to be, a very entertaining reading.

1. Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I’m 36 years old. I come from Kenya, but now I’m living in South Africa with a lot of moving in between. I am a creative and open personality (according to a personality test I took!). This means I tend to get over-excited about things that are awesome. I think this is why I fall in love with art, movies, games and music so easily. I’m also the person behind

2. What music do you enjoy and why?

Primarily rock and blues because of my exposure to it at a very early age. My father was in the music industry. Music filled my house (Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones etc) and he used to play in classic rock cover bands throughout my childhood. Then I started playing and the enjoyment really took off. For a while it dominated my whole life

3. Why are you enthusiastic about audio?

I love the stories behind audio. Whether it is the trials and tribulations of the artist when they made an album, or maybe it is the story of a company creating an amplifier which bent all the rules of cost and performance.
Also, in many ways audio is all about creating magic. The heady mixture of specs, placebos, snake oil, stories, modifications, setups etc. All culminate every now and then in a perfect moment when it all sounds amazing. Better than you thought it could. That’s magic.

4. What audio gear do you use?

For headphones I have a Schiit Asgard amplifier, HRT Microstreamer DAC, and Audio Technica ATHW1000X cans. I have an Onkyo TX8270 Streamer/Amp and Q Acoustics speakers for open listening.
My father’s music industry history means I have inherited loads of CDs and LPs so I listen to them on very average gear (Sony and Panasonic players, respectively). They still sound great.

5. What would be your perfect audio gear setup?

Wow – For me it would be all about creating the perfect space (an audio Man Cave!) and then having the never ending budget to fill that space with ever-changing gear.
If I had to pick something semi-achievable – I would go for the top end Schiit stuff – Ragnarok and Yggdrasil Amp/DAC combo and then some Sennheiser top range headphones….mmmm yes please! Feed it with FLAC or Tidal and you’re set I think.

6. What is your favorite format for audio and why?

I enjoy the ritual, and the combination of unpredictability and sound quality of LPs – but the convenience and sound quality of streaming services is pretty good now – I listen to a lot of Spotify and every now and then I sign up to Tidal for a while.

7. Would you like to share some photos of your audio gear?

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