Commissions and the mistakes done by artists and clients.

First of all, I’m blessed by luck and most artists who have done commission work for me remain really nice acquaintances, this means they are the first ones I go to if I need something, even if sometimes they are not the cheapest.
I like them, they like me, there’s mutual trust, and trust is very important.

Second, I know a lot of artists and I have a massive respect for their not always easy work in dealing with asshole clients who literally don’t know what they want from a piece of art. Just because you pay, doesn’t mean you can request new stuff over and over again.
That’s plain wrong and kills the joy of the artist, if you don’t know what you want, at least give artistic freedom to the artists so they can do a good work.

My motto for commissions is: be a really nice client if you find a really nice artist! Pay everything upfront, don’t request discounts, don’t cut corners, pay what the artist asks, it’s as simple as that.
Everyone wants food on the table, so you as a client must do the most important thing of them all, pay the fuck up.

Don’t request samples if you didn’t pay for them. When you reach out to an artist you should be a fan of their work, requesting free samples is lack of respect for their time and art.

If you have a schedule, talk about it with the artist, often tighter schedules mean that the artist requires more money to do the commission, after all you are literally monopolizing their agenda.

When you think on a commission, you should always keep the artist style in mind. Some artists do various styles but they excel in some, some also enjoy a good challenge, others not really.

Now, artists as amazing as they are can be, do some massive wrongs also.
The biggest one is, lack of communication. If you don’t want to do a commission just be direct about it, most people will understand, it’s better to lose a commission than lose a future client.
I dropped some artists from my mind as soon as I noticed they just didn’t want to reach out to me. I’m not talking about real time chat, I’m talking about asking something and after 3 days they still didn’t replied to my simple question, if that’s for a question imagine for artwork.

Another mistake some artists do is the incorrect pricing of a commission, know your skill level and request money based on that.
I don’t want to be blunt and heartless, but if you are newbie you shouldn’t request the same amount a professional asks for their work. The same goes in the reverse, professionals that work for very little money even if for fun are ruin it for others who need to work and pay monthly bills. Find a balance in pricing, paying bills and what clients are willing to pay.

Still on bad communication, artists should remember that most clients don’t really understand a thing about what artists do, sure they can enjoy art but besides that, most people don’t understand what’s in the background.
So, if you notice your clients are struggling to understand what you are doing, help them out by providing some steps or guides.
Like I said before I really enjoy some artists so I have a rough idea on what’s done before something is finished, at least in digital painting.
The fact that I do my own stencil artworks also helps a lot in that regard.

Finally and this goes for both artists and clients, treat each other the best you can because both good clients and good artists who do commissions aren’t easy to come by.

Also, I want to send my utmost best wishes to the artists who have done commissions for me in the past and the ones who will do it in the future.
Life is so much fun with you all in my life. 🙂

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