A tale of an earring.

Life can be funny, when I was 18 I remember going to my local watchmaker so I could get my left ear pierced, in the Portuguese interior villages watchmakers, not only repair watches, they also sell jewelry, so they need to know how to pierce ears if they want to have future clients.

The master watchmaker behind the counter looked at me in a funny way… Then he asked in a always serious voice: Do you really want to do this, because I don’t do it often to adults…It might hurt…
I still remember those words when he had to re-pierce my ear, it hurt, a lot.

Piercing ears shouldn’t be a big deal right? After all, teens these days have multiple piercings in places that leave little to the imagination.
At the time the earring was my way to rebel a bit against the world, not that I had very strict parents, my mother didn’t mind and my father said I was 18 so I was free to do as I wanted. I knew he disliked it, but I went ahead anyway, not because I wanted to rebel against him but because I really wanted to do it.

So how and why did yours truly agree to make a hole in his left ear?
First of all, I always liked earrings and jewelry, second my sister said it would make me look cooler, never disregard the advice of your older sister specially if she’s getting married very soon, to this day I still think using a beautiful earring makes one hell of a personal statement if you are a guy.
Just like I said before, it was also a way to rebel a bit against the world, specially against the old ladies of my hometown who enjoyed nagging my mother about my very dark wardrobe choices, instead of looking at their own perfect grandchildren who smoked weed behind our school.
My earring was colossal “Fuck you all” and it worked because they no longer nagged my mother about anything, in their Christian mind I was already a lost soul.

Anyway, when I started working in security I had to drop the earring, because it’s against company policies, curious enough the girls at work all use earrings.
What few people knew was that I still wanted to use it, so some time ago I picked up a small needle and reopen the pierced ear.
Besides the trouble of having to be careful not to use it at work, I’m more than happy with my new crystal earring.

After all one should be happy and never be bond by work rules outside work.

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