Fight bullies.

One of the most humiliating memories I have from my childhood was being bullied by a group of other kids, they disliked me because I was bigger than them. Also, being raised in a kind home made me a really peaceful child and easily bullied.
Thus in a park near my home, they pushed my pants down and made fun of me there and later on. Now, don’t worry it wasn’t a sexual thing or anything like that, it was kids being cruel like only kids know. I should have told my parents but I never did. I was maybe 9 or 10 years old.

Later at school I would face the same problem but this time I would get picked by older students, again I was a peaceful introverted teen that didn’t want too much attention. I admit school wasn’t so bad, mostly because I had a good friend and looking back, really good classmates. Funny that my class was for the most part the worst of the worst on that school.

I would later take a stand against bullies, late for sure, but I did.
One of the worst memories I got from school, was me holding a younger student by his neck in the staircase. Let me tell you why it got there before you judge me for being a bully.
This teen had an older brother at school and would often use him to taunt and bully other students, he started targeting me because he probably wanted to look cool to his own classmates, and the shy teen looked like a good target, he was in for a surprise.

After a while he finally crossed a certain line, I don’t remember exactly what made me snap, but it was probably a conjunction of various things.
I still remember his scared face against the wall, and my hand pushing against his warm neck, after shooting to me something about calling his brother, he run off only to hide every time he saw me in the halls.
His brother never came for me, not that day, not that year or years to come.

You see bullies these days can be different, they can do it online from the shadows, at school or even at work, but they can only win if you do nothing against them.
Most victims only call for help when it’s to late and that’s a mistake.
I’m not saying you should fistfight them or hold someone by their neck, you can be smart and find a way to report them to the school, even to the police.
Just don’t get bullied into submission, I say this from experience, don’t fall to the temptation of felling sorry for a bully, if you are a victim feeling sorry is not an option. Bullies are dangerous and should be taken seriously.

I was bullied because I never seriously talked with my parents about it, and my parents also took the wrong approach every time I complained about my schoolmates. Older people tend to think you are being over dramatic when you talk about school.

Now I’m a grown man and I detest bullies with a passion, but I’m careful not to become the beast I feared.
If you are a parent be on the lookout, so your kid doesn’t become a victim or the bully.

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