Awan0918 painting.

So for my wife’s birthday I decided to give a different gift, it was inspired in one of my oldest memories, the final result is stunning, just like her.
My commission required someone experienced in point of view and Awan’s painting of Ai Hayasaka really sold me his talent. I often say that the best painters do the best ecchi, I still stand correct.

Awan takes his work in a very serious and objective way, all his questions resulted in a perfect first draft, and his attention to little details was very important for bringing the painting to life.

This commission was made during his school exams, and even if I was more than happy to wait for a while, he presented me work in progress and finished the painting really fast, he has my sincere gratitude for that.

Some important details in my opinion, a character was given as reference to the style of face I wanted for my wife, I didn’t send him any photos before the work was finished.
I requested, the half rim eyeglasses, pearl earrings, the necklace with a small pentagram, simple silver watch, the white shirt, blue jeans, the color of the hair and eyes, the books, Walkman, the Spring grass.
I gave him a general idea of the perspective I wanted without any photo reference, with that and all the questions he made the final result is wonderful.

My wife loved the painting, she was very happy specially because she wasn’t expecting such a sweet painting but something more in the lewd department. My wife knows me well… lol

So, as commissions go Awan got a client. I’m already imagining what I want next.

As a nice side effect I started workings in my stencils again. Seems art inspires art.

With all of the above written, I have this to say to Awan:
Thank you for hearing me out and having patience for my ramblings, the work looks amazing and you can be sure I’ll reach out for another commission soon, but this time I’ll go the lewd way 😉 because it will be a gift for myself.

You can reach out to Awan’s on:

I made this blog post because Awan’s deserves it.

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