Art commissions, what a friend taught me.

Almost a year ago death came unexpectedly for a friend of mine, one of those friends you only know in the online world, this friend wrote me a real letter that I keep on my personal safe, a little box of memories in a higher shelf of my bedroom, so my kids won’t brake it by accident.

Steve was an IT professional and a gamer, his Steam page is now a memorial to his life, he made game tutorials, had a Twitch channel, a Discord server which amazingly is still alive and he was a patron of the arts.

He was someone who loved music and art in general, and he enjoyed his commissions a lot, at the time I was happy for him but didn’t yet grasp the importance of commissioned artwork.

When you pay artists to do something you are giving them the spark of an idea, you are paying for their raw talent and skills, even if the final art piece is their work, the whole thing is only there because you gave it a foundation to build upon. My friend still lives on, in his commissioned works, in the legacy he left behind online and above all in his friends and family hearts.

You can leave a lot of things in this world, but art will truly endure.
What my friend taught me, was to create or help create things that will endure our death. So now I understand him a little better and with that I also understand myself.

Steve is missed but his memories remain.

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