Be true to yourself and your readers.

Writing online can be a daunting task, specially if you write for a niche and try to keep up with an agenda, people lose interest really fast these days, and most mainstream blogs and sites fight for the attention of their readers, knowing they can lose them at an alarming pace if new content isn’t spit out at regular intervals.

YouTube channels are already increasingly popular with mainstream viewers, most people don’t like to read, it’s easier to view a video, but even if a thousand words can’t fight the YouTube effect. One image without content amounts to nothing, and there’s a lot of nothing on YouTube, and it’s increasing at an alarming rate.

I often compare short videos with fast food, they grab the attention of the viewer, entertain for a little while, but most have zero content and in the end you’ll forget you actually consumed them.
I actually enjoy bigger videos about a niche topic, with a lot of research to back facts, content that luckily isn’t rare in audio.
Good real-time off the cuff videos are also amazing, they provide insight on the creator, you can only lie so much if you are talking in real time.

Be true to yourself and the readers, depending on what you are writing, readers will understand you are lying, specially if you write about things you don’t understand. If you actually want to write about things you have little grasp, just be sincere and tell your readers about it.

Lately I’m starting to open up about who I am and my past, don’t get me wrong it’s hard to do it even if just a little, after all any acquaintance of mine can read this blog, but it’s also a good way to exorcise some ghosts.
In a perfect world I would share everything with you, but in this society some privacy is necessary, not all people who browse the internet are good people, even if most of them are, there are some who will try to make your life a hell just because they dislike the way you looked at them 5 years ago.

Being sincere online is rather hard, but it builds solid foundations for future projects.

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