Sony – MH755 Mini Review.

I bought the Sony MH755 for 10€ with shipping on a eBay Japanese shop (these are not fake, here’s the serial tag). I’ll try my best to give an honest opinion about the gear, keep in mind I’m might have a slight bias towards Sony because I collect Sony Mini-Disc Walkmans and have a deep respect for Mr. Akio Morita and Mr. Masaru Ibuka achievements as founders of Sony.

When I first read Crinacle’s redacted/private rating of the MH755 on Head-Fi (Now hosted on his personal site) I was a bit surprised, here’s a guy who has access to amazing IEM’s praising some really cheap Sony’s. He must be joking, maybe he’s trolling everyone, even so I went to eBay found a original pair and bought them.

Yea, the joke was on me, followed by “this can’t be right”, then “I must go pick up my reference DT880’s” and then by “I should probably check this tomorrow…” Yea, when he says the MH755 was Sony’s biggest accident, he’s not joking. These cheap ass, fragile earphones literally nuke most entry level Chi-Fi I had the pleasure to hear and that’s something I still can’t really face.

Keep in mind they sound amazing for the price, but because of that price you have serious flaws to consider like the short cable and the overall construction quality.
With all of that out of the way and if you really enjoy this hobby you should buy yourself a pair even before you read my review.

Testing rig
As a typical portable rig I’ll be using my Sony L1 (G3311) smartphone and youtube without any EQ, normalization or any other gimmick. The L1 will let me test if the earphones are easily driven by the L1 punny amplifier.

My daily driver will be a uncapped Sony Walkman A-45, with both lossy 320kbps Mp3’s and lossless 16-Bit 44.1Khz Flac music files, I might use higher resolution if necessary.

I won’t be reviewing the interaction of all sources with the in-ear for obvious reasons, so for simplicity sake the review below will use the Sony Walkman A-45 to drive the in-ears unless stated otherwise.

Built quality & specifications
The build quality, how should I put this…you can open them up by slightly forcing the middle of the shell, that’s how easy it easy to reach the drivers.
There’s cheap and then there’s the MH755, which is build to be the cheap companion of the Sony Bluetooth receivers, this means a really ultra short cable made to go around your neck so the right side cable is longer than the left one. The L-shaped 3.5mm connector is as bad as the cable, the same goes for the stress reliefs, but at least it has them unlike some Chi-Fi models.
The stock tips are nice, mine are green. There’s no fancy packaging, no bag, no case, zero, nada.

Everyone likes specifications so here are some I could find:
– Dynamic driver, 9.2 mm
– Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
– Sensitivity: 115dB/V (100.5 dB/mW @ 1Khz)
– Impedance: Between 16 and 32 Ohms (There’s no official data available)

Daily use
These are lightweight and comfortable enough that you forget you have them on, isolation is surprisingly decent if you got a good seal.
The cable is very short and it’s length is only ok if you have a Bluetooth receiver, forget this IEM if you usually use your smartphone or DAP in your jeans pockets or bag, it’s usable if you put your DAP in the front pocket of your shirt.
Many people modify this IEM so it accepts mmcx cables, the connectors are probably worth more than the earphones but I totally understand the need for a better cable on the MH755.

Well, the bass is controlled, present enough but not boomy when compared with V-shaped IEMs, it’s good enough for most music styles.
Mids are rather natural and detailed enough for most vocal tracks, you can’t really get tired of the MH755 when it comes to mids.
I can say the exact same thing about the treble which has a very controlled tuning, the highs aren’t aggressive at all, sure it lacks some detail but it’s not sibilant or distracting. You can hear the 755 for hours and it will be as enjoyable as it was in the first minutes.
Instrument wise you have enough separation, just don’t expect to hear coins falling in the background.

If you need to find out what songs I used to make this review please visit this page. Also “Michael Jackson – Black or White“, “Queen – Don’t stop me now” and “Metallica – S&M Fuel” were also very important to test the Sony MH755.

The good & the ugly
Their amazing sound quality makes these cheap in-ears one of the best you can buy at a very low budget, the MH755 is one of those models every enthusiast should have.

Very cheap construction, awful cable.
A lot of fakes floating around, you should buy the MH755 from a reputable shop.

Yes, I don’t write about “soundstage” or imaging, refer to this entry for more explanations on that.

This is a mini-review with less than 600 words when possible, I have lot’s of cheap in-ears I want to review but I don’t want to lose lot’s of time with them.

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