Venture Electronics – Bonus IE (BIE) Mini Review.

I bought the VE BIE for 18€ (20USD without shipping) on the official Veclan shop, these days you can also buy it on their official Aliexpress shop.
I’ll try my best to give an honest opinion about the gear, keep in mind I have no connections to Venture Electronics and that I bought this at full price.

The Bonus IE were a bit harder to get than most of my IEM’s because I had to keep an eye on the official VE Facebook page, so I could know when they were back in stock. It was worth it in my opinion because the BIE are fun and very competent earphones for the price range. They aren’t really V-shape, mostly because even if the bass is forward and the mids natural, the treble is not “Beyerdynamic DT990” aggressive, it’s detailed enough without being too much “in your face”.
Don’t get me wrong I love treble detail in critical listening and short doses but for long periods of time it’s not a good idea, that’s why I love the Sony MH755 and also why I really enjoy the VE BIE.

Testing rig
As a typical portable rig I’ll be using my Sony L1 (G3311) smartphone and youtube without any EQ, normalization or any other gimmick. The L1 will let me test if the earphones are easily driven by the L1 punny amplifier.

My daily driver will be a uncapped Sony Walkman A-45, with both lossy 320kbps Mp3’s and lossless 16-Bit 44.1Khz Flac music files, I might use higher resolution if necessary.

I won’t be reviewing the interaction of all sources with the in-ear for obvious reasons, so for simplicity sake the review below will use the Sony Walkman A-45 to drive the in-ears unless stated otherwise.

Built quality & specifications
I have seen my share of pretty earphones, but the BIE’s are really gorgeous for their minimalist aluminum alloy shells, even the back vents look nice. I’m using these for some months now and I still didn’t notice scratches or blemishes on the shells. The nozzle lip is perfect, unlike so many models in this price range.
As for the cable, it does the job and feels sturdy enough for daily use, there’s a true stress relief on the straight 3.5mm connector and simple ones on the shells. After some months of daily use the cable still looks great.
I do wish the BIE had detachable cables even if it was more expensive, it’s a really lovely earphone but at this price, one can’t really complain too much.
The silicone tips feel nice, so nice that I’m using them instead of my favorite KZ “starlines”.
The BIE was shipped with a really pretty blue semi-hard case with the company logo, a practical and intelligent choice if you carry these with you on daily basis.

Everyone likes specifications so here are some I could find:
– Dynamic driver, 10 mm (N52+)
– Frequency response: 17Hz – 22KHz
– Sensitivity: 115dB
– Impedance: 32 Ohms

Daily use
The BIE’s require a good fit, so the tips are very important in that regard, after they are well places inside the ear, you can almost forget them.
The cable size is perfect for daily use and it doesn’t tangle that much.
Sound insulation is ok in the street, but you need to raise the volume on the subway or very busy street.

The bass is a bit forward but doesn’t feel overpowered, it’s it goes deep enough for some sub-bass fun. From classical to Hard n’ Heavy the BIE bass never feels out of place.
Mids sound natural and if you enjoy female voices you’ll have lots of fun with these in-ears. I really can’t point any flaws to the BIE in this department, it’s very well tuned.
As treble goes the BIEs are a bit different than my typical very detailed sound signature, don’t get me wrong these are detailed but they are not jaw drooping and to be very sincere I’m glad that’s the case, because of the tamed treble it’s possible to enjoy the BIE for long periods of time.

Since I bought the BIE’s they became my daily drivers, they are cheap, wonderful sounding and sturdy enough to be toss inside a backpack or warped around a DAP.

If you need to find out what songs I used to make this review please visit this page.

The good & the ugly
An easy choice if you are in the market for stylish but good sounding IEM’s.

Nothing besides the cable not being detachable, but at 18€ I can’t really complain, it’s more like a sincere request that I hope Mr. Lee can deliver in the future.

Yes, I don’t write about “soundstage” or imaging, refer to this entry for more explanations on that.

This is a mini-review with less than 600 words when possible, I have lot’s of cheap in-ears I want to review but I don’t want to lose lot’s of time with them.

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