Life goes on.

Life goes on and in my case nothing too important happened.
These days I spend my free time enjoying some music, watching anime, talking on Discord, browsing Twitter and doing weight lifting.
My family is ok and my job continues to pay the bills as it should.
I wish I could say I went to abroad these vacations or post pretty photos of faraway lands, but that’s not the case.

I commissioned another piece of art to Awan, this time Artoria Pendragon resting against a wall, I love Awan’s work and if all goes well more commissions will be done in the future. I bough some CD’s for my collection, Joe Bonamassa album “Redemption”, the original soundtrack and also the vocal album of the anime Violet Evergarden, these last two were rather expensive because I had to import both from Japan but I sincerely don’t regret it. Violet Evergarden is my favorite anime show to date so that says a lot about how good it is in my opinion.

I continue my journey for a healthier life, I started doing weight lifting and I love it. Since I left my old job I don’t really need to push my body and that was showing a bit too much in my lack of strength for some tasks that I would have easily done in the past. I’m happy to report that I can lift the weights I did in my twenties. I’m doing this in a calm gradual way, I’m not a body builder after all.

Life goes on so I’ll see you online.

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