Time and leisure.

Getting old has a unusual effect on some of us, I can’t speak for others but in my case I have less time for my favorite hobbies. Music is now relegated to a on the go thing, mostly done on my daily commutes. The last time I picked up my reference headphones was almost 3 months ago.

I still watch anime or read manga if I take a bit from my sleep schedule. These days I spend a lot of my leisure time reading, if I’m not hearing music. Allocating time to enjoy stuff you could easily do in the past is a bit frustrating, then again I wasn’t a father back then.

This week I started working on the rooftop of my living room, because after all these years it still leaks a lot of water. While I was removing the wood boards I regretted all the time I spent doing what I was now destroying with a hammer. It was a waste of money but above all a waste of time and hard work. Now, I’ll lose yet again more time repairing that mess of a rooftop.

That rooftop is a good learning experience regarding the passage of time, when I build it my wife was expecting our first child, my mind still didn’t process the hardships and money such endeavor would require, so I made a lovely ceiling with expensive wood and marine varnish, what a waste.

Right now I’m sure I wouldn’t do such project, I value my time and money much more, I would obviously correct the rooftop design but I would change a lot of things. Experience changes our way of doing things, sadly one need to burn time to gain experience, so a balance must be found.

I’m now trying to better allocate the time I spend doing projects, if done correctly it’s still possible to do all the things I enjoy.
Time is the only thing you can’t buy, it never stops and if you spend it unwisely you’ll regret it later.

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