Maintaining a small discord server.

I already wrote about Discord communities around here, but in the start of 2020 I decided to make my own Discord server which for my great surprise is slowly getting more members.
Anyway this is my view on the maintenance a server requires, keep in mind each community is different just like each administrator.

Creating a Discord server is rather easy, you only need to have some basic knowledge how Discord works, make some categories, some channels, define roles for your members and install some bots for spam control.
Making a server is something really fun but maintaining a server can be taxing.

You must create solid rules that you and the community need to follow, as an administrator you must set an example. If by any chance you need to brake a rule you should explain why you did it to the community.
Staff and friends will always be treated differently but even them need to follow the house rules, if they fail to do so your community might backslash at you for unfair or biased treatment.

Toxic users should not be kept as “pets” or for fun, if a user is toxic they should be banned from the server right away.
In my community if you don’t respect the opinion of others to the point of being toxic you will be banned on the spot.
You should also keep an eye on other niche communities and the users they ban.
Their problem can probably become your problem sooner than you expect.

Having a healthy community means you should also be nice from time to time, just make a blind eye if someone broke a rule by mistake, believe me I have seen NSFW images being posted in the wrong place by mistake.
If it’s a sincere mistake don’t punish the user.

Don’t allow spam on the server, use a bot to trim it down if necessary.
Spam can come in many ways, from pictures to emotes if it’s too much it’s spam.

Do not allow cross server drama, in small communities users can have personal hates and past history, warn users that they should not bring their personal fight into your server. If they don’t follow your guideline please don’t let them stay, because they will create unwanted drama, thus making other users leave.

If a user leaves once without drama let them return, if a user leaves but makes a drama about it, you should ban them so they do not return.
After all they complained about the server so you are only doing them a favor by removing their access to the place they dislike.

You should test you server using another account with less privileges, with that account you should test all important roles to be sure the server is secure.

You can keep your community happy by hearing their wishes, open new channels and close channels which aren’t required anymore.
Make channels only higher roles can reach as a gift to regular users.

My server is still new but intend to keep it as long as possible.

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