On audiophile snobs.

Like all hobbies there’s competition on the audiophile hobby, it’s not the first or even the second time I write about problems in this community which can be very toxic, but today I’m gonna write again about that pet peeve of mine called elitism and sob behavior.
I write this from the perspective of both a community administrator and a long time member of other communities.
I already wrote about how we need to be nice online and why we should write a blog, most of those focus on parts of the community, I’m sure I’ll repeat myself yet again on this blog post but I think elitism on our community needs to be pointed out by enthusiasts, specially older ones.

When I started my Discord community I wanted to connect with people who shared the same hobbies as me and maybe find new music.
I have a specific way of moderating my server so I usually remove members I find to be toxic, there’s usually some thinking behind every removal but for most part it works and the community is rather peaceful and not very prone to elitism/snobbery.

Sadly that’s not always the case in some places I often visit, given that elitism is a pet peeve of mine I usually try to maintain my composure when I find a piece of elitist trash on this hobby. Sadly I have my own limits so it might take days, weeks or months but sooner or later I’ll get to breaking point and lash out on them.
Knowing myself that’s actually something pretty toxic to do on a community, I will often step down on said community and take the heat for better or worse, but I never regret calling out elitists, for they are a plague for newbies on this hobby.

I was born in a middle class family which had their share of bad and good times and sometimes I felt pier pressure to keep up on some hobbies. So I’m sure a lot of newbies on this hobby feel pressured to keep up with some enthusiasts, this only gets worse if said newbies think snobs on this hobby are the reference to everyone. This hobby is not about snob competition but love for good audio reproduction and good music.

I consider headphones tools not pieces of jewellery or status symbols, true snobs on the other hand will force their view that excellent audio must be expensive on both the wallet and the looks, which is pretty much a lie these days.
Audiophile gear has come a long way since the 80’s. I don’t like Amir’s (Audio Science Review) extreme view on objective measurements, but when a Apple 3.5mm audio dongle measures better than so called high-resolution DAC/Amps something is very right these days. It means audio is getting much better than audio snobs want you to believe. Also Amir is no angel and I’m still very curious about his agenda on this hobby, but time will tell on that one.

I don’t dislike jewel like gear, but just like most watch collectors won’t say a handmade watch will keep better time than a digital one, I think just because it’s expensive it doesn’t mean it will have better performance than something build for the mainstream market. Apple 3.5mm dongle is a good example of that if we go by measurements alone.
After all most music is not mixed using niche jewel like IEM’s, that’s probably why I enjoy professional audio gear much more than so called audiophile gear.

Elitists/snobs often disregard objective measurements, saying their hearing is better than objective measurements, well I sincerely doubt it and Tyll Hertsens considered by many to be the best headphone reviewer to have walked this land, shows that we need a balance between objective measurements and subjective opinions no matter our hearing.
Tyll is also a good example how age will sooner or later make an impact on our hearing, on his last video for innerfidelity he talks about that tabu.

Disregarding a reviewer because he uses objective measurements is something only a audiophile snob would do. Make no mistake these persons are the flat earthers and anti-vaxxer of the hobby and they should be pointed out and shunned by people who want this hobby to walk forward.

I’m well aware some persons like the design of pretty gear, there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion, as long as they don’t claim their gear sounds better because it’s made of gold and diamonds. Just because it’s pretty and niche it doesn’t mean it sounds better, refer to Crinacle’s lists if you need to see IEM’s and headphones that are expensive but are not worth it.
To be fair there’s gear that’s expensive and sounds amazing but that’s due to great engineering and sound tuning, obviously supported by measuring tools besides subjective evaluation.

To the audiophile elitist/snobs of this hobby I can only present them with my middle finger 🖕🏽.

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