Discord, the end.

When I started my discord server I had some ideas and end goals for it, after some clumsy experiences and the usual community drama I achieved most of my goals with some important failures, which I’ll discuss further ahead.

I wanted a nice community, something I achieved by removing trolls and toxic people the best I could. I also wanted a nice space to talk about audiophile gear and music, this was a success at least in my opinion.
I could go on about some things I love about the server and polish my ego a little more, but I’ll stop and move on to the bad things.

Where there’s people there’s drama, my server was not an exception, and while it was public I had to clean a lot of stuff to keep it tidy. Some people will surprise you in a rather bad way, example of that was a guy who is a moderator on a server of a fellow audio enthusiast, the guy requested an invite and while he was on my server spent most of his time being toxic towards other server members, or complaining about the way I cleaned up my server from trolls. The last straw was when he verbally attacked a member, which resulted in his ban. For a moderator I do wonder if he’s the right man for the job. This is but one example, I had to clean a lot of bad apples from the server for various reasons.

Some people will ask for help and leave, in fact 90% of my visitors did the hit and run routine to the point of some of them returning and forgetting they visited the server before, this brought life to the server but it also made me very tired in the long run. Most people only want to confirm their purchases and in the end most are not interested in learning.

So, after almost a year the server is now private because I’m not in the mood to deal with drama, sadly the server is also pretty much dead compared with similar servers because there are no new users. Given the fact I have good pals around there I won’t delete it, but I won’t make it public anymore, it will remain as my private server.
All good things must end.

To the ones who are still around, I’ll see you there, to the ones who never had a chance to join, Crinacle has a very nice server, it’s active full of new members and fun.

In the end this was a nice experience.

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