No more reviews.

I’ll save you a ton of text, in short I won’t “review” gear anymore, actually I stopped long ago but I only really made up my mind this week.
You can check out other reviewers here, the one most similar with my personal tastes in IEMs should be Crinacle, give him a visit.

The chi-fi market is over saturated these days, choices are amazing and I can’t keep up buying cheap IEMs because I have a family to feed and this hobby can be expensive even if you buy cheap gear. Also, I have other hobbies which I sincerely appreciate more than writing reviews in the middle of the night.

Beside disposable income, writing and comparing IEMs even cheap ones requires a lot of time, and little by little my free time has dwindled, which is easy to see looking at the last audio related updates on this blog.

I might keep writing things about the audiophile community because I enjoy that aspect of the hobby, besides that I might do some guides or other things I find useful.

Some will surely wonder about my last recommendations before closing the door.
If you can take the leap of faith and are not afraid of buying really deep insertion IEMs, I’ll recommend the Etymotic ER2XR, read Crinacle’s review here. I agree with him, if you want the best bang for your buck these are the ones to buy (2020). Also, they scale pretty great with better amplification.
Etymotics are love it or hate it in terms of fitting, because of that a lot of audiophiles won’t touch them, they are indeed only for the courageous ones in the crowd.

If you really need cheaper more mainstream IEMs, I recommend the V-shape Venture Electronics – Bonus IE (VE BIE) or the neutral Final Audio E1000.
Between the two I’ll always choose the better built BIE, also you might need to EQ that bass a bit depending on the music you enjoy.

Remember always have fun with music, that’s what matters the most.


…and now to new endeavors…

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